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A powerful tool for fashion brands and manufacturers to collaborate through every step in product development.

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Speed Up Production

Design and produce 30% faster. That's like finding 2.5 extra hours in your day for dancing or doodling or dreaming or whatever you want!

Reclaim Your Sanity

Ditch the spreadsheets and manage product development on the go. Easily navigate design files and conversations in one hub.

Take Control

Get real-time status updates, run reports, and stay on schedule. Update your team and manufacturers instantly.

Smart Product Development

Game-changing software to help fashion brands produce faster, make better products and live happier lives.

Let your creativity shine

Avoid redundant work so you can focus on designing great products. You were born to do more than cut and paste!

  • Create Professional Tech Packs in Minutes

    Intuitive, modular components and a visual interface makes tech pack creation genuinely fun, loved by manufacturers and designers alike.

  • Cut the Mundane Tasks with Automation

    Game-changing connect cards allow you update details across multiple tech packs with a few clicks. Productivity for all!

  • Reuse Design Files and Specs

    Eliminate redundant work and errors by storing connect cards in your brand library, allowing others to reuse images, annotations and other key details.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Design and manufacturing teams get a full view of what's happening so they can move product development forward with less headache.

  • Real-Time Comments

    View the history of design files and conversations with your factory from a single hub. Send digital high fives in real time.

  • Version Control

    Auto-highlighting features make it easy to see edits made between tech pack versions.

  • Sync, baby, sync.

    Streamline work by integrating Techpacker with Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack and more.

Your production crystal ball

Track your product lifecycle from concept to completion so you can make projections and pivot as needed.

  • Export Data Any Time - No Strings Attached

    Your data belongs to you – secure and exportable to Excel which your manufacturers also love.

  • View Progress At a Glance

    Stages allow you to track the progress of your tech packs from design to approvals, and view them at a glance at any time.

  • Track Your Milestones

    Map your product development milestones and monitor the progress of actual delivery dates through each stage.

Instantly connect Techpacker with 40+ apps to automate workflow

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Bring your products to market faster with Shopify

Synchronize product info and design sketches with your Shopify store. Conduct presales, create wholesale linesheets or sell directly.
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Seamlessly integrate Google Sheets with your tech packs

Create Techpacks directly from Google Sheets Or transfer data from Techpacker to Google Sheets seamlessly and in real-time.
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Create tech packs faster with Adobe Illustrator

Connect your technical sketches with your tech packs and synchronize edits without jumping back and forth between the apps.
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Get secure access to your files with Dropbox

Whenever a new version of Techpack is created by your organization, automatically save a version directly into dropbox.

See Techpacker in action

Here are some examples of professional tech packs made with Techpacker

Tech Pack Template

Men's Jacket

Tech Pack Template

Women's Dress

Tech Pack Template

Bed Linens

Tech Pack Template


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