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World's Fastest Tech Pack tool

Spend 70% less time making Tech Packs. No more spreadsheets made on those clunky softwares. Simply put together your design ideas like playing with Lego blocks and build industry standard Tech packs your factory will love.

What is a tech pack?

Express design ideas visually

Simply drag & drop unlimited sketches, photos, .ai, .psd and many other file types to quickly annotate your ideas 1 like this or add lines and share with your manufacturers instantly without worrying about the size, arrangement or layout.

Everything on time and organized!

Get 30% faster sample approval rate by managing your entire style development from one place. Assign due dates to factories or suppliers, schedule automatic notifications or even refer back to any version of your tech pack.

Most powerful collaboration.

Keep all communication centralized at one place. Tag  @Nicole ( your team member) or  @Stacy (your manufacturer) on comments and reduce up to 70% emails. Share any type of files, add fashion specific emojis and keep track of your entire communication history.

Your Factories  Techpacker too !

Changes you made to your tech packs are automatically tracked and highlighted like this so your factories doesn't have to spend hours finding the differences OR miss critical updates.


Try Techpacker free for 7 days. No credit card required.

Identify Bottlenecks Quickly !

Stages can help track the progress of your Design, Approvals, Product Development, Production, Logistics or all of them from start to finish. Create custom stages and move each style through various Stages like:

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