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Discover the Best In Class Tech Pack Teaching Tool

Students work collaboratively with intuitive, visual digital tools to build professional tech packs through the entire product development process.

Virtually no learning curve for faculty, staff and students

Our easy to use tech pack teaching program is designed for highly interactive teaching, energizing both students and instructors.

Get hands on with #1 ranked tech pack software

Prepare students for tomorrow’s fashion careers through technology that’s revolutionizing the way brands and factories communicate to produce garments and accessories and shoes.

Easily manage multiple classes and cohorts online

Every student gets a unique login and password - no confusing shared accounts for staff and faculty. Easily organize and track class projects throughout the semester while sharing individual comments and critiques.

Mimic real-world product development

Set custom timelines for each stage of production: Design, Sampling, Pre-production across multiple student projects, preparing student for real-world apparel industry management.

Exclusive access to industry product design trends

Our open-source product development community “Explore” exposes students to real industry projects in live-time as well as templates they can use as a starting point for their student designs.

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