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  • Easily shared, continuously updated and infinitely reusable Libraries.
  • Save your design assets - sketches, materials, measurements as cards, and build organization Libraries.
  • Cut out mundane tasks so you can focus on creativity, strategic thinking or dance parties – it's up to you!
  • One and done! Ditch the redundant editing work.
  • Automate & connect cards makes it so you don't have to update design specs in each individual tech pack.
  • Connect cards to keep all your information in sync across all your tech packs, and update across your files at once.
  • Export tech packs to PDF and Excel
  • Don’t waste time formatting your docs. Generate industry-standard manufacturing-ready tech packs in one click.
  • Share files with no size limit using a downloadable link.


Still using Excel to make Tech Packs? Create them much faster with Techpacker!

Excel is outdated! Learn how using it slows down your creative process and how Techpacker can help streamline your product development.

  • Enjoy seamless auto-grading
  • Our auto-gradings feature determines your grading rules based on your point of measurements specs.
  • From there, you can save your grading-specs in your Libraries and use them across different tech packs in a click.
  • Collaborate in live-time
  • For every detail in your fashion production, Techpacker organizes your conversations with your team and factory.
  • Invite your manufacturing partners to a dedicated portal where they can easily access shared files, tech pack versions and send messages.
  • Eliminate errors with version control
  • Auto-highlighting features make it easy for your manufacturers to see edits made between tech pack versions.
  • Share files with no size limit using a downloadable link.
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Your factory liaison. But better.

Try Techpacker for manufacturers to easily track product development and communication with fashion brands

  • View progress at a glance with Stages
  • Build custom pipelines and visually monitor your product development workflow.
  • Track the progress of your tech packs from design to approvals, and view them at a glance at any time.
  • Visual reporting
  • Don’t sweat over manually fetching product timelines from different departments.
  • Generate Time & Action Calendar and Critical Path/Gantt chart reports from one place and keep your production planning in check.

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