Techpacker’s been revamped from top to bottom.

This was done to bring you the most effortless product development experience ever.


In fashion, aesthetics and experience come hand in hand.

The same applies to Techpacker’s design.

Since beautiful products are created on Techpacker, we believe the platform should look and feel the part.

Why the new look?

Looks matters.

At least when it comes to aesthetics having a real impact on user experience.

But don’t be fooled.

The new look isn’t just a goes beyond that.

It’s about where we are headed.

Techpacker started as a simple but powerful techpack creation tool for fashion designers.

The idea here was to simply give you the tool to quickly generate PDF ready tech packs, without having to use Excel.

Techpacker has since evolved.

It has grown into a complete product development platform for design teams to collaborate across supply chains and create products faster than ever.


“Our mission is to create a world where creating fashion products is effortless. By making the most complicated supply-chain tasks simple and personal, Techpacker is reimagining product development, production and quality control for modern companies.“

It was high time that our product branding reflects this message.


Part of weaving a new narrative into a brand is the logo.

Right now, all product supply chain management solutions like PLM, PDM and ERP serve their purposes...but for whom?

The managers.

Not designers or creatives.

Techpacker was built from the ground up by designers, for designers.

It thinks, organizes and creates visually.

In other words, it’s in tune with your creative mind.

Same goes for our new logo. Read on.

Sketches, materials, measurements…

Product info comes in all shapes and sizes.

When organized and expressed in the right way, ideas are crystallized and products take form.

That’s what Techpacker does for you.


Just like working with LEGO blocks, your fashion products are built from Cards.

Piece by piece, your Cards connects together to shape your designs, assemble your techpacks and link your entire product development process from ideation to quality control.

It’s a radically new way of creating products.

And this modular concept extends beyond Techpacker.

In fact, Techpacker itself is a building block.

A foundation from where you can implement other tools.

Ultimately, our logo reflects the flexibility and versatility that comes with reusing data and integrating other platforms to build a supply chain management system that best suits you and your team.

Highlights of the new Techpacker

Playful visuals

Graphics and logo come in pairs.

In Techpacker’s case, they share the exact same ethos: Product data and platforms come in all shapes and sizes. They can all be reused and connected to Techpacker.

You’ll find new graphics have been added on empty sections of the Techpack Board.

This makes it easier to understand the main actions available in your workspace. New team members will be able to get up to speed even faster.

Soothing colors

This change is easy on the eyes.

Reduced color contrast and a soothing color palette will help you focus on the important stuff - your product details and important actions on the page.

Help Center

The Help Center has been reorganized. New feature explanations and a Starter Guide have been added.

It’s now much easier to find step-by-step instructions on any feature available on Techpacker.

So, what’s next?

This new look is a little taste of what’s coming ahead.

We’ve got important new features in the works so stay tuned.

Time to give you a sneak peek.

Auto-highlight changes

Differences between techpacks are instantly highlighted for you. This makes it easier to keep track of changes from one version to another.

Manufacturing View

Techpacker will introduce a specially-made interface for your manufacturers. Techpack versions, comments and updates - all in one place.

This will make it easier for them to access your most up-to-date requirements, prevent miscommunications and keep both of you in synch.


Techpacker will provide integrations with ERP systems, Shopify and open public APIs that can be integrated with different supply chains. Book a demo to ask us directly about it.

Explore Library

Our community marketplace Explore will house a library of sketch templates and material sample ideas from where you can draw inspiration, source materials from suppliers and find suitable freelancers or forecasting agencies