In today's fast-paced environment, efficient management of product data and collaborative efforts are pivotal for success. At Techpacker, we're committed to enhancing your experience, and we're thrilled to introduce several significant updates aimed at streamlining your workflows and improving clarity.

New Library Folders

Our card libraries are the foundation for efficient product data management, serving as a central hub for data storage and facilitating seamless team collaboration. We are excited to introduce an enhanced library experience, delivering improved organization and sharing capabilities.

Previously, libraries lacked folder-level organization, requiring users to sift through an entire list to select a library. Additionally, there were no access management tools, resulting in virtually unrestricted access and editing privileges for everyone within your organization.

With the latest revamped libraries update:

  1. Users now can organize their libraries into folders, providing a more streamlined organization for your design data.
  2. This update enhances team collaboration efficiency by enabling access management at the folder level.
  3. Navigation through libraries is now effortless with the introduction of user-friendly folders, complemented by sorting options available at both folder and library levels.
Techpacker design data storage
Create library folders for any kind of design data from labels to measurements
Learn how to create, edit, and manage libraries here.

New Downloadable File Format

This new feature enables you to preserve your work on Techpacker in our native Techpacker (.tpr) file format. This format offers you the flexibility to seamlessly export/import all Techpacker data, including comments, files, attachments, and more.

This functionality is particularly valuable in two scenarios:

  1. If you are a freelancer or collaborating with one, you can easily share your complete tech pack projects without needing to grant access to your account.
  2. During account deactivation/reactivation, you can effortlessly import the .tpr file back into your account and seamlessly resume your Techpacker projects where you left off.
Export files on Techpacker in various formats
Select a tech pack and export it in a .tpr format
Learn more about how to import/export tech packs here.

Improved PDF Look

Our users have reported difficulties in discerning certain table information when printed in the Tech pack PDF. The table's borders, along with the column headers, were not easily visible on paper.

To address this issue, we've improved the visual clarity with the following changes:

  1. Highlighted Column Headers: We've added a black highlight to column headers, enhancing visibility and making them more prominent.
  2. Black Border Lines: Tables in the PDF now include black border lines, creating a clear and structured layout for enhanced readability.

These updates aim to improve the overall visual experience of tables in the PDF, ensuring that printed colors are more distinct and easily visible on paper.

Techpacker PDF layout
New tech pack PDF look
Learn how to generate a tech pack here.

Our global search function empowers users to find any item within their organization. Previously, search results only encompassed active items, confusing users who expected archived information to be included but couldn't locate it.

To resolve this and improve the search experience, we now incorporate archived data in the search results, clearly marked with an "archived" label. This enhancement enables users to swiftly distinguish between active and archived items, thereby refining the global search's precision and user-friendliness.

Techpacker's global search tool
Locate active and archived items using Techpacker's global search
Learn how to use the global search tool here.