Jacket Made with Synthetic Spider Silk

A Japanese biomaterials company Spiber have created Moon Parka - the word’s first jacket made from the synthetic spider silk. Inspired by the extremely strong and flexible threads of spider webs, the fiber is made from a fermentation process that involves micro-organisms producing portents.

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Handmade Textiles Made on Industrial Looms

In the age of the industrial loom, a textile designer has figured out a way to reclaim the weaver’s physical relationship with textiles. Through nunchucks like robotic device, a weaver’s unique muscle movement is recorded and further programmed into a loom to imitate a similar weave pattern.

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Nike’s Self Lacing Shoes

In Spring 2016, Nike is commercially releasing it’s curiously soft and slipper-like self-lacing shoe from 30 year old movies Back To The Future Day. The “power laces” technology has a responsive system that senses the wearer’s motion and provide comfort and support.

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Importing from China - A Complete Guide

If you are importing clothing and textile from China, learn what you must know about sourcing clothing manufacturers, fabric specifications and Techpacks. Also learn how to reduce the minimum order quantity requirements and compliance testing costs

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High Fashion Meets High Tech Projections

In a new audiovisual performance that combines filmmaking, projection mapping, and high fashion, Turkish designer Ece Ozalp projected her fractal patterns onto a 3D dress of her design. Check it out.

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