A Swimsuit That Helps Clean The Oceans

Sponge suite is a cleantech swimming gear that uses a super hydrophobic carbon based material called Sponge which absorbs all contaminant substance in the water while swimming. Costing 15 cents per gram, this material can also be easily recycled.

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A Wristband That Controls Your Mood

This new breed of wearable technology releases a pulse in a specific rhythm that can literally change your mood. That gadget works naturally with the body to improve the users work performance by sending alerts if they loose focus while working.

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This Vaporizer is Becoming a Fashion Accessory

Pax, a San Francisco-based company is on a mission to disrupt and redefine the future of smoking. A brand that has managed to emerge as the “iPhone of vaporisers” is built from machined anodized aluminum - the same metal used in the iPhone 6.

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Top 7 Clothing Subscription Services by PC Mag

Subscription style sites are on the rise for fashion-forward people with a limited budget. In this new era of personalized shopping, tech-savvy shoppers can use these services to pair up with stylists to help them curate clothing by the preference and ship a box to try them at home.

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Fashion Is Your Business Interviews Uri Minkoff

In this Interesting interview from the cool trio of this popular fashion tech podcast show, Uri Minkoff - the Co-founder and CEO of Rebecca Minkoff gives his insight into understanding new consumers, newer leaner models and how to evolve to next generation.

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The Techpacker Corner

Now Print Techpacks in Chinese

In our latest bid to make Techpacker the best work-together tool for fashion developments, now users can print and share their Techpacks in both simplified and traditional Chinese text. Try Now.

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Bring Your Factories &Teams Together

NEW POWERFUL FEATURE: Now Share and Collaboration your Techpacks. Build Teams, Invite factories and communicate with them right through your techpacks.

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