We are looking for Live-Testers for our web application Techpacker a Product development collaboration tool for fashion industry

Why do we need Live Testers?

As we are working on developing our latest technology, we would like to gather live feedback from actual users and improve the product before launch.

Who is eligible?

Fashion Designers or product developers in Hong Kong who make techpacks on regular bases.

What are techpacks?

Techpacks (also called spec-sheets) are design documents that has all information that a factory needs to turn design into a product.

When is it?

Flexible (Anytime After 2nd Nov 2014)


Flexible (Anywhere in Hong Kong).

What do I get in return?

  • Free Coffee.
  • Transportation cost (if you travel to our office)
  • A tour of Cyberport (if you travel to our office)
  • Free use of our app for 1 year (Worth US$600)
  • A big thank-you note on our blog and other social media.

Do I have to bring anything with me?

We'll arrange however if you can then bring either your laptop or tablets (iPad etc) with you.

For registration or further information send email to saralkochar@techpacker.com