Ever wondered why working with factories hasn’t been so simple?

As a fashion designer, when you receive a wrong sample, what would you do?

  • Call the factory and blame their negligence?
  • Blame yourself for finding an unreliable factory?
  • Blame the agent who referred you that factory?
  • Blame yourself for not sending a 3rd party QA for sample inspection before shipment?

Working with a factory (especially overseas), isn’t necessarily the most exciting experience for many fashion brands. Apart from your geographies, even your languages, cultures and mindsets are quite different. You want creativity, while they focus at productivity. Factories simply want to convert all your developments into bulk orders ASAP. Therefore a good understanding between you and factory is crucial for a long-term partnership. It’s also very important for the designers to understand their perspective too.

We have put together this video to give you an insight on how to work better with your partner (the factory)? Our Techpacker team did an interview with a factory owner in Guangdong, China. They have been running a shirt/jacket factory for past 10+ years and are currently working with several brands from USA.

Let's spend 2-3 minutes, to understand their PERSPECTIVE