Hello, Techpacker community! We released the following enhancements this month: custom shortcuts to expedite data entry, custom section reports to offer additional visibility into your product lifecycle, a new shortcut to transfer cards to libraries, and a simplified CSV upload!

Custom Shortcuts

Because repetitive data entry is not only time-intensive, it also causes mistakes. Our users have been frequently asking for an integrated method for storing words. We listened and added 'Custom Shortcuts' to Techpacker to answer the requirement for an integrated word storage solution.

By uploading a CSV file containing your collection of custom shortcuts, you may construct your unique organization-wide library of commonly used phrases, including color codes, hex codes, internal terminology, and any other often used words.

You may simply access your saved shortcuts by utilizing symbols such as #, $, and so on, increasing speed and considerably decreasing mistakes.

Swiftly add information using shortcuts 

Now, you can easily access your word and terminology library and use it with a single click. This tool not only speeds up your work in Techpacker but also considerably reduces the potential for human mistakes.

Learn how to create custom shortcuts here.

New Custom Section Report

Now you have the ability to select metrics and dimensions precisely as needed in the area of custom section reports. This reporting tool is more than just a means of examining data; it's also a means of capturing additional information that is sometimes overlooked in standard reports.

The adaptability extends to the creation of detailed reports, whether for merging Purchase Orders (POs), tracking style codes, or defining packaging characteristics, all of which may be tailored to your individual custom sections. With three filtering options: tech pack, folder, and keyword, the report's adaptability shows through, offering pinpoint precision in creating insights.

Create custom section reports for costing, QA, tracking style codes, and more

Furthermore, you may easily add or delete certain data columns and switch between row and column configurations to meet a variety of report requirements.

Changing layouts to meet unique needs is simple, resulting in a smooth and straightforward user experience. Discover the endless possibilities of custom section reports and convert your data into useful insights to help you make better decisions.

Learn how to generate a custom section report here.

A Simplified Copy Cards Function  

Previously, the copy cards to libraries option was bundled along with the copy to techpacks, making the process longer and more confusing.  

The good news is that we have optimized the copy cards functions and now you can copy cards directly to their relevant libraries or techpacks swiftly in a few clicks. It's a time-saving update that makes it very easy to save cards at your preferred library or a tech pack.  

New copy cards Library feature 
Learn how to copy cards to libraries here.

Faster CSV File Upload for Measurements

Unlock efficiency with the CSV upload tool, which will revolutionize the way you manage measurement cards. This is more than a time-saving tool ; it's a game changer for constructing libraries of blocks, styles, and other elements.

This tool expedites the development of comprehensive measurement tables by simply importing Excel files in CSV format with Points of Measure (POMs) and associated tolerances. Furthermore, upon CSV upload in the measurement area, all fields, including tolerances and card names, are automatically integrated as size columns. This default configuration considerably improves workflow while also allowing you to swap between size and non-size columns.

Create a measurement table by uploading your Excel file

This function is essential for increasing the efficiency and precision of data management procedures.

Learn how to create a measurements table by uploading the CSV file here.