At Techpacker we continuously strive towards optimizing our platform and reducing repetitive tasks for design teams. This month we implemented a couple of new features that our users have been asking for.

Share multiple tech packs with your manufacturers

Save a ton of time by sharing your tech packs in bulk. No need to share each individual tech pack version one by one every time. We've added a new option to easily select multiple tech pack versions directly from your tech pack dashboard and send them to manufacturers right away.

Learn how to share multiple tech packs with the manufacturer in two simple steps here.

Change product development stages of multiple tech packs at once

Tracking the progress of multiple tech packs got faster. You can now change the product development stage of your whole collection at once. Select from the existing stages like design, sampling, and production, or create your custom ones.

Learn more about it here.

Changing product stages in bulk

Integration with Apparel Magic

After successful integrations with Zapier and Adobe Illustrator, we receive a lot of requests asking to integrate Techpacker with Apparel Magic. ApparelMagic is an apparel management software that powers ERP, PLM, and CRM for some of the biggest brands in fashion. It helps brands explode growth, maximize revenues, and guard profits.

Learn how to integrate with Apparel Magic in a few easy steps here.

Now you can connect your Techpacker account to Apparel Magic