Fashion brands are expected to constantly reinvent their products and shorten their time-to-market. Therefore, PLMs are essential in the fast-growing fashion industry for both small and large teams.

PLM provides brands with a comprehensive view of their entire product development process in a single snapshot. It also gives them granular control over every aspect of their product design and delivers real-time, consistent data across the entire supply chain. In short, PLM solution provides a central place for managing the product lifecycle efficiently and cost-effectively.

Download our Ebook to learn why every fashion team needs a PLM, how to select a right PLM solution specifically for your business and how to implement it right.

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What's Included In This Ebook

✔ What is a fashion PLM

✔ Why teams of all sizes should embrace a fashion PLM

✔ The challenges of adopting a PLM in the fashion business

✔ How to choose a PLM for your fashion business

✔ Best PLM software for fashion in 2022

✔ How to successfully implement a new fashion PLM system

✔ How Techpacker works as a fashion PLM software

✔ Get more value from your tools with Techpacker integrations