A t-shirt is a versatile and popular piece of clothing that can be found in almost everyone's wardrobe. In the fashion industry, creating a t-shirt is a multi-step process that begins with conceptualizing the design and ends with the finished product.

Though a t-shirt design may appear straightforward at first glance, some important factors, such as t-shirt parts, seam constructions, and points of measurement, must not be overlooked.

In this ebook, we discuss the many varieties of t-shirts, delve into t-shirt anatomy, and provide tools to help you streamline your t-shirt product development.

The definitive guide to t-shirt design Techpacker
The definitive guide to t-shirt design Techpacker
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What's Included In This Ebook

✔ Embarking on the journey of a T-shirt

✔ Navigating through the elements of a T-shirt

✔ Exploring the types of T-shirts across gender

✔ Diving into RepSketch's component library

✔ Unveiling industry-ready technical sketches tailored for tech packs

✔ Step-by-step T-shirt-making tutorial on Repsketch