Nice to meet all during the fashion week!

It’s actually the first time for Techpacker to hit the road, although the feedback is far beyond our expectation. “It sounds amazing. I will definitely try it with my manufacturers.” said Ben Yeung, a local fashion designer who has just released his first series.

“Every time I tried to communicate with my manufacturers, I had to take several hours to the factory in person to negotiate and describe my needs while the result may still be far from satisfactory…” Just take a look at his series; you will be fascinated by his colorful, even crazy imagination. The visualization process of talented ideas is painful, as designers need to constantly communicate with their manufacters

Who is Techpacker?

If you are a designer who has shown up in the fashion week last month, you should have known Techpacker about her first hit onto the market. Known as the tailor made product for designers and manufacturers, Techpacker dedicated to establishing a bridge over the gap between fashion idea holders and realizers through its easy-to-use website.

What can I do about it?

That will be a genius question! In fact, Techpacker is a free online tool perfectly designed for those want to put their ideas straight to manufacturers. You can generate a professional design order within less than 10 clicks, no matter how complicated your design is! Isn’t it amazing?

What if I missed Techpacker during the fashion week?

Want to have a try? Contact us now and grab a invitation code! All we want to do is to free your inspiration with this super easy tool.