Techpacker on stages with Jack Ma

They call him the Steve Jobs of China. A technology aspirant, who revolutionized the Chinese Internet and became the richest man of Asia. A true rags to riches story. He grew up in a poor communist China, failed his college entrance exams twice, and was rejected from dozen of jobs, including one with KFC, before finding success with his third Internet company, Alibaba.

So If you have a chance to speak with such inspirational figure, face-to-face in front of an audience of 7000 people, what would you like to say or ask him?

  • Ask him how to become a successful entrepreneur? Or
  • Ask him how to build a right team? Or
  • May be even ask him to invest in your own start-up?

On Feb 2, 2015, Techpacker, one of the four promising Hong Kong tech start-up was chosen to speak with Jack Ma at a forum organized by Our Hong Kong foundation.

As he shared his future vision on Hong Kong, we got a chance to also hear what he thinks about our Techpacker.