Tuesday, January 12th 2016

This post is originally written by Sarah Radcliff on Linkedin and re-published here with her full consent.

The problems of a Fashion Designer

You probably, as a fashion designer, have experienced or witnessed the “unrealistic design deadline”. It happens to all and is unfortunate because as a result, there is no time to design - which is more and more important these days. But lets back up and ask, what is taking up so much time? As a designer, you would think that’s what most of our day consists of: designing..... but we all know there are a lot of things that gets in the way. Even worse, the culprits are the tools that are actually supposed to HELP, such as those annoying PLM programs. That’s what I’m going to talk about here and how Techpacker comes from above to save the day.

The Ideal Situation?

For example, say you may have a ton of changes brought about by a meeting that went haywire. Changes are apart of every day life in the fashion industry - but updating tech packs shouldn’t be surgery. Not only, do you have to rely on numerous parties to do their part, sometimes waiting for your turn, but updating tech-packs can become a vacuum of time if you aren’t paying close attention.

Problems with PLM's available for Designers?

  1. For me something like FlexPLM, was a nightmare instead of a blessing. It’s like a painter unable to use a paint brush.... Simply put, it’s not easy for a creative person and I’ve had my fair share of frustrations.

  2. Secondly, In a system like flex PLM, there are many steps you have to do in order to simply open a tech pack, update it, and make it live. More than necessary to put it lightly.

  3. Third, If you don’t know how to avoid the programs glitches - you could end up having to redo it all over again. Also, with so many steps, it is so easy to make mistakes, and no matter what, mistakes always come back on the designers - and it’s a shame......it makes us look bad and unreliable.....> :(

We aren’t careless, and we aren’t asking for much.

So, what designers actually need?

Designers need to be able to:

  1. See elements visually

  2. free key in elements if need be or easily create an element

  3. see the actual stitches and fabrics that are being listed

  4. Drag and drop instead of upload

  5. Easily create and copy specs

  6. Not have to worry about publishing or “vaulting” to make it visible to vendors after every update

  7. Chat with our vendors via the app

  8. Be able to search easily for elements instead of having to “*keyword” search

  9. Lastly, know what the program can do and actually utilize it to the fullest!

How Techpacker solves the problem?

Techpacker takes all of these above inadequacies other programs carry, and offer an Apple approach to techpacking :)…...trust me, give it a shot.

Designers and spreadsheets may sometimes date but ultimately it isn’t the perfect marriage. So why should our tools we use in order to communicate something “visually”, not be visual ?

Using Techpacker is a sigh of relief and one less zit on a Thursday at 7 pm while clicking away desperately. Techpacker makes something that should be easy, easy.
Sure PLM might be good for certain products, I’m not sure what, but I know it’s not apparel.

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Companies want more product faster so our resources and our way of doing so should also be faster! can I get an AMEN? Don’t do monotonous bee work when you should be queen (or king) bee designer. Great design comes from positive free thinking environments, not frenzies of panic.
Lets cut that nonsense out of our lives and give Techpacker a try.