Weekly Industry Newsletter, 10th July

The Effects of the Greek Crisis on Luxury Fashion


Retail & Market

U.S Presidential Hopefuls Sell Swag and Collect Data

While the money is nice, the information is invaluable. It's all about learning who your supporter base is...How do they live? What are their trigger points? What words resonate with them?"

<a href="//www.nytimes.com/2015/06/25/fashion/presidential-campaign-stores-voter-data.html#"target="_blank">Read the article on New York Times >>

American Apparel To Close Stores and Lay Off Workers

Following a turbulent era, American Apparel announces plans to cut costs and attempt to turn around its fortunes. The cuts are currently projected to save $30 million.

<a href="//www.businessoffashion.com/articles/news-analysis/american-apparel-to-close-stores-and-lay-off-workers"target="_blank">Read the article on Business of Fashion >>


Fashion's Newest Alternative Material: Gelatin

Scientists have developed a way to turn gelatin into yarn and thus clothing.This new technique could provide additional uses for livestock by-products and therefore help reduce agricultural waste.

Read the article on Fashion United >>


Productivity Tips From The World's Top Designers

From the physical to the mental to the chemical, top designers describe their favorite ways to stay focused and creative.

Read the article on Co.Design >>

Managing Fashion Inventories is Both an Art and a Science

Some fashion retail specialists say the industry needs to make better use of analytics, but supply chain experts say art and judgment shouldn’t be discounted.

Read the article on The Wall Street Journal >>

The Do’s and Don’ts of Tradeshows

Attendees discuss the details of tradeshow etiquette including hygiene, wardrobe and networking.

Watch the video on Youtube >>

The Techpacker Corner

Marking Presence @HK Fashion Week

Hong Kong fashion week 2015 Spring- Summer opened this past Monday featuring a wide array of product zones including international fashion designers, jewelry and denim. But for the first time, a dedicated Fashion Tech corner was allocated to this event. Follow live feeds from HK fashion week on our social handles - Facebook , Twitter , Insta.

Inside a Quality Tech pack

To turn a design into a garment, a factory needs every little detail to ensure product accuracy. These design instructions and guidelines are put together in a document called a Tech pack. And this is what goes inside a quality Tech pack.

Weekly updates

Find out 2 new features we released this week. Any suggestions are very welcome too.

It's pitching time

Watch our CSO Josie Tam making an impactful pitch at EO pitching event.

Sourcing Apparel?

Why insuring compliance with substance regulations is a big challenge.

Coming Soon

BOOTCAT is out very soon with the world's first ever open source fashion library.

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