We're thrilled to introduce new Techpacker improvements. Our goal? To enhance both brands' and manufacturers' experiences. We are rolling out features that will streamline brand and manufacturer collaboration.

Faster Manufacturers Onboarding

Our improved sign-up flow has made the procedure exceedingly simple. Brands can easily invite and onboard manufacturers, facilitating cooperation in ways that have never been possible before.

Through the "My Manufacturers" feature, brands now have the ability to easily add their vendors. The procedure is as simple as it gets: with just a few clicks, businesses may assemble their list of manufacturers and send invitations to sign up. Manufacturers receive a prompt email invitation as a result, and they may then log onto Techpacker to access pooled tech packs. This improvement promotes a more positive brand-manufacturer connection while also saving time.

Onboard vendors with Techpacker's "my manufacturers" page
Techpacker's "My Manufacturers" page
Learn how to manage manufacturers here.

Tech packs Organized by Folder for Manufacturers

Before, tech packs were simply arranged in the brand's folder without any further classification. Due to the time-consuming nature of sorting through an enormous quantity of tech packs, the visibility became quite tiresome.

We're thrilled to introduce our new folder-wise view for techpacks. Manufacturers may now quickly explore and access the tech packs supplied by brands, which are neatly organized into folders. This degree of detail guarantees that manufacturers can easily access and interact with the tech packs they need at the time they require them.

Manufacturer's view of clients' folders
Manufacturer's folders
Learn how to manage client's tech packs here.

Best fit - 6 cards per page view

Although we've always provided 6 cards for each page in our tech packs, we've been paying close attention to customer feedback. There were moments when it seemed like we could get more on that page. We're thrilled to provide the "Best Fit 6 Cards Per Page" option in light of this.

With this option, all six of your cards are automatically arranged on a single page in the best possible way. It works like a puzzle solver to make sure your cards fit perfectly and maximize the available space. The outcome? Fewer pages, less work, and a cleaner picture overall. Never before have your tech packs looked so good!

Tech pack layout view
Best fit - 6 cards per page
Learn how to edit tech pack layout here.

New Option To Pause Your Techpacker Subscription

At Techpacker, empathy is at the heart of all we do. Life may be erratic, and we understand that sometimes you may not require our platform for a while before the necessity reappears. We want to be sure that you can depend on us to make the most of every subscription day. This is where our newest feature—which was created with your requirements in mind—of stopping the subscription comes in.

You may pause your membership without missing any days, whether you're managing a busy time or exploring new areas. When you're prepared to get started again, your membership resumes without a hitch and is extended by the exact number of days you paused it for.

Learn how to manage your Techpacker subscription here.