While a trench or blazer looks great with the right styling, a bomber jacket completes any look. Throwing one of these over anything that feels a bit too formal will quickly solve it. A bomber jacket will undoubtedly be an excellent addition to your next collection.

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We used a technical flat sketch from Repsketch for this template. You may quickly update, add, or delete design details, alter colors, and even upload artwork such as patches or prints over there.

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Our measurement template for the bomber jacket includes technical sketches with how to measure callouts.

Preview of the bomber jacket measurement template
Preview of the bomber jacket measurement table in PDF format

The measurement table also includes all essential POMs (Points of measurement) to build a jacket for sizes Small through Large. Measurement tolerances have also been provided that you can use as quality control with your factory.

What's included in this template

  1. All essential Points of measurement
  2. High-quality sketches for each POM
  3. Instructions on how to measure each POM with callouts
  4. Measurements specs from size Small through Large
  5. Size gradings

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