We're kicking off the sandal season with a wedge sandal Bill of Materials! Our Bill of Materials provides all of the main components needed to design a pair for your summer collection.

Wedge sandals Bill of Materials Techpacker
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If you can't decide between stilettos and flip-flops, wedges are the way to go. Comfortable wedges are an excellent alternative for individuals who desire the height benefit of a heel during the summer. They provide greater stability and support than slender heels. The strong bottom, arch support, foam footbed, and adjustable ankle strap make walking longer distances or standing around much more comfortable. As a result, wedge sandals are usually a good choice for summer activities.

Wedge sandals BOM table Techpacker
Preview of the Bill of Materials for wedge sandals

What’s included in this template

  1. Part names. Like main fabric, thread, insole, etc.
  2. Materials’ composition.
  3. Color reference, including Pantone colors.
  4. Placement and position of each part.
  5. Materials’ supplier contacts.


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