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Luxury Retailers Suffer in China

Chinese shoppers are the world’s largest group of luxury consumers. With the Chinese government devaluing its currency for a second time, retailers are beginning to feel the consequences.

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The Return of Androgyny

Gender-bending is nothing new in fashion or pop culture. But in large-scale, high-end fashion, the theme has not been conveyed as loudly or as frequently since the late 60s.

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3D Weaving Uses Old Techniques for Futuristic Forms

3D Weaving has a lot of interesting characteristics like auxetic-ness, texture, and varying strength that all function while keeping the fundamental form of thread intact.

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Betsey Johnson on 50 years in Fashion

"I don't get nervous for shows because... if it doesn't work, it's OK. We only did what we did because we believed in it, and we were ready to sink at any point, waving the Frank Sinatra flag: I did it my way!"

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The Top 6 Psychological Tricks of Successful Luxury Brands

Paying thousands of dollars for a handbag isn't often a logical decision; it's an emotional one. Top brands understand the psychological triggers that can motivate people to buy seemingly impractical goods.

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Emma Watson: Fashion on Gender Equality

"I think there's a lot of racism. I think there's a lot of sexism."

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