As a product developer, you are aware of the challenges involved in organizing design data while managing multiple collections or clients. It's crucial to track changes, but manually updating numerous documents can be daunting. In this post, we'll introduce you to a useful feature that can make your life easier and speed up the modifications made during product development.

The power of automation with Connect Cards

Our Connect cards feature is a synchronization tool that will assist you in keeping your design data consistent across all of your tech packs. Rather than going into each tech pack and manually recording a specific update, you can simply edit one card and all the others will be synced automatically.

We've listed a few use cases where this feature has been extremely beneficial to our existing users.

Sourcing updates

How frequently have MOQs or pricing forced you to change sourcing firms during your career in fashion? This frequently occurs, and even the fabric selections can change as the product is being developed. For instance, you made a dress from a particular fabric and you don't like it at all. Or perhaps the cost increased and you found the same cloth from a different provider at a lesser cost.

These things happen all the time, but what if you've already created several tech packs with this kind of material that you'd like to change? It will take a lot of time to manually edit the data in each tech pack.

Techpacker allows you to create BOM libraries and link materials cards to specific tech packs. When you need to update them all, simply edit one card and they will all sync automatically.