The rise of work from home culture lead us to rethink about the ways we have been communicating and sharing information in the fashion industry. Whether it is the Tech Pack details in Excel, Illustrator files or Costing Sheets, the fashion industry has always found it challenging to have clear communication and share information with manufacturers.

After working in the industry for years, we wanted to give back and bring a change in how we manage information. We at Techpacker aim at providing you with the fastest and most effortless product creation experience ever. And your manufacturer is a vital part of this process.

Here is a list of new features that we have launched to make managing data with your manufacturer easier:

Separate sign-up for manufacturers

Techpacker app for Manufacturers
Exclusive Tech pack view for the Manufacturers 

Why manage Tech Packs via email when your manufacturer can refer to all the Tech Packs you shared with them right from their account? You can add them to your organization and guess what??? your manufacturer's account is free of cost!

They can view all the Tech Packs that your organization has shared with them and reply right from their account. And you can refer to the conversation between your organization and your manufacturer any time. Here is more about how you can make them a part of your organization.

Highlight changes in Tech Packs and easily compare versions

  • 'Designers keep changing...', was the common theme during my visits to  manufacturing facility.  
  • We found that 69% of the delays and quality issues can be avoided if changes are clearly documented. They are either lost in emails or went unnoticed.
  • We learned from the best of the brands and manufacturers about the art of highlighting the differences on Techpacker whenever changes are made.
  • Although it's a painful and time-consuming process that's a lot of room for discrepancies when done manually.

So Techpacker comes for rescue again, both you and your manufacturers can now automatically highlight and compare versions of a Tech Pack.

techpack highlighted changes
Compare tech pack versions to spot and highlight latest changes

There can be a lot of changes between the two Tech Pack versions. So how to detect the differences and make sure that desired changes get the same attention during the manufacturing? Well, your manufacturers can compare versions and highlight the differences to make sure that nothing is missed.

Refer to the conversation thread with your manufacturers

tech pack conversations
Dump emails for tech pack comments. Manage conversations right from your Doc view.

Clear communication with your manufacturer is as important as it is to create a well-defined Tech Pack. Sharing a Tech Pack with your manufacturer right from your Techpacker account eliminates the extra step of sharing it through email.

After understanding what will make it easier for you, we brought this new function which allows you to manage the entire conversation thread right under your account.

Centralized are to easily manage all your manufacturers

Do you have multiple manufacturers and find it a bit hard to manage them and keep track of activities with them?

To eliminate these so we have launched a new section under your organization "MY MANUFACTURERS" where you can add, manage and keep track of activities between your organization and each manufacturer.

Let's break the language barrier

Hours and sometimes even days are wasted translating Tech Packs into local languages so manufacturers can read it properly. Here is our solution:

Inbuilt neural machine translation service for Manufacturers 
  • Now your manufacturers can directly translate Tech Packs to supporting languages using our neural machine translation service that delivers fast and high-quality translation.
  • Manufacturers can also edit the translated text for complicated or customized translations.

Ready to try out these new updates?


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