Slow time-to-market is a common problem in the fashion industry, and it can have a significant impact on the success of a fashion brand.

To address slow time-to-market in design teams, it's important to establish clear project goals and requirements, streamline design processes, improve communication, and manage scope creep.

Additionally, investing in the right software, tools, and resources can help the design team work more efficiently and effectively.

In this Ebook, we'll go through the main product development bottlenecks that affect time-to-market and how to solve them using modern PLM technologies.

As a bonus, we will discuss several sustainable product development techniques that a clothing line may use to lessen its influence on the environment.

Preview and contents of the Ebook

What's Included In This Ebook

✔ Understanding what is product development in the fashion business.

✔ What product development bottlenecks can impact time-to-market?

✔ How to avoid bottlenecks with clear product development processes.

✔ The three steps to sustainable fashion product development.