Size matters in the apparel and shoe industries! These critical measuring numbers will not only be an important component of your tech pack, but they may also define your brand.

Sizing and measuring are crucial parts of the fashion product development stages like product design, technical specifications, and quality control.

They are also significant for marketing your goods and targeting the proper audience.

Download our Ebook to learn how to identify and take correct measurements, build a Measurements Table and Grading Sheet for your tech pack, and how to make a production-ready pattern step-by-step with us.

Preview and contents of the Ebook

What's Included In This Ebook

✔ Understanding why measuring is important in the apparel business.

✔ What are body measurements and how to take them?

✔ How to determine points of measurement and add them to the tech pack.

✔ What are grade specs and how to use them in the tech pack?

✔ The fundamentals of pattern making in the apparel industry.

✔ A step-by-step pattern-making tutorial