A tech pack is an essential document in the product development process. It serves as a means of communication between the designer and the manufacturer, as well as a means of collaboration among members of the design team.

A standard tech pack includes all of the information required to bring a product to life. Technical sketches (also referred to as fashion flats), construction details, measurements, a Bill of Materials, and a costing sheet are all included. In this blog post, we will walk you through the process of creating a tech pack for a duvet set.

Sketches and construction details

Every tech pack begins with technical sketches (or fashion flats). They basically show the factory how the product should look when it is manufactured. Standard technical sketches are typically black and white and show construction details such as stitches and closures. Colored technical sketches with corresponding colors and print details are added to the tech pack for multiple product colorways (if applicable).

We're working on a duvet set tech pack that includes a bed sheet, two pillowcases, and a duvet cover.

Duvet set technical sketches
Duvet set technical sketches

Our duvet set features a color scheme and prints. We will need to create a separate spec sheet for each piece of the duvet set (bed sheet, pillowcases, and duvet cover).

Bed sheet sketches and construction details
Bed sheet sketches and construction details

Same for the pillowcases.

Pillowcase technical sketches
Pillowcase color combo 1 technical sketches

We have pillowcases in two color variations for our duvet set, so we are adding colored sketches for both of them.

Pillowcase technical sketches
Pillowcase color combo 2 technical sketches

And front and back views of the duvet cover.

Duvet cover technical sketches

Because our product contains prints, we will include additional cards with print specifications.

Bed set tech pack
Bed sheet print
Duvet cover tech pack
Duvet cover print

Finally, we will specify the type of closure to be used.

Duvet cover tech pack
Duvet cover zipper closure

The Ultimate Guide to Tech Packs in Fashion
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Learn how to create a professional tech pack with up-to-date tools.

A Bill of Materials

A Bill of Materials (BOM) must include all of the items needed to construct your product. Brands use bill of materials (BOM) to plan purchases, estimate costs and reduce waste.

A duvet set BOM will include fabric information for all duvet set pieces, thread information, and zipper closure.

Duvet set tech pack
Bill of Materials for a duvet set


The measurements specification sheet (or measurements table) is part of a tech pack that includes detailed measurements of various garment components.

A duvet set measurement table will include technical sketches with callouts as well as a measurements table. Callouts (also known as annotations) show how measurements are taken. Construction details, prints, and material placement are also specified using them.

Duvet set tech pack
Duvet set call-outs

The following measurements will be included in a duvet set measurement table: bedsheet width and length, duvet width and panel lengths, and pillow width and length.

duvet set measurements tech pack
Duvet set measurement table

Costing Sheet

The main purpose of a costing sheet is to calculate a cost of a product. It is mainly used for budget planning. Once you receive a quote from your factory, you will know how much it would cost to produce one duvet set and the whole production run. The more you produce the lower cost per piece will be.

The costing sheet for a duvet set will include:

  • Labor cost;
  • Materials costs, like main fabric, closures (basically everything from your BOM table);
  • Labels and tags;
  • Packaging materials.
Duvet set tech pack costing sheet
Duvet set costing sheet

Share with the manufacturer

Once you have your tech pack ready, you can generate a PDF doc in one click and share the factory-ready tech pack with your manufacturer.

Duvet set tech pack
Finalized tech pack that is ready to be shared with the factory

Once you share the tech pack with your manufacturer and sign the manufacturing agreement with them, the sample-making process begins. During this process, the tech pack may be edited many times until you are satisfied with the final result. So it is important to keep each tech pack version on hand and compare them as needed.

Comparing two tech pack versions

Bonus: a free duvet set tech pack template

Use our free duvet set tech pack template as a base to design your own bag or as a reference guide.

Example of a duvet set tech pack PDF made with Techpacker

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